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when the children cry

Well, watched Milk last night. I was a tad disturbed that Dan White got off with only 5 years. How can junk food cause a "mental condition" that allows you to break into a building with a gun AND makes sure you kill ONLY 2 pre-selected people, not anyone else you encounter in the halls? A mental illness with selective memory? BS.

So, today's card is a bit more involved than the last few, but it was next in line and it is Saturday, so I have time to explain! Then off I go to make a card for a friend's housewarming!

Folded 8.5x11 sheet of DSP in half, trimmed that to 5x7. RS image on cream CS. Add medallion with glue dots to bottom left. Color with pencils, darker where there should be shadows. Glue to pice of oriental newspaper hten tear out around it unevenly. Glue that whole thing to the (now) 5x7 base. Stamp 2nd image on white CS, color, cut with deckle edge scissors, glue on top. Glitter glue of your choice where you wish. NOTE: to really make the dragonfly po…

Moving Day!

Well, not for me... but Rebel & I ARE going to help pack up a friend.... he gets lunch out of the deal, I get a strong back to lug a precious & extensive library to its new home, closer to me! :-)

This is a wall decor stencil (see the flower theme?), a sticker, an old button for center of flower.... all on DSP.

mama works on carburetors

Funny, I posted over at Highlowaha about enjoying seeing our land come to life, watering the new trees we planted, tending the herb bed, etc... and the card that was next in line was this one. Not that we GROW many flowers, but a lot of my cards are of a floral type. This is a result of playing around with the Sizzix and some critter stickers, which is waht happens when you sort/clean the random bax of scraps that is taking over the table at an alarming rate. :-)

So, today is last day for work this week... took a vacation day to help our community as we pack & move one of our elders for her transistion from solo apt in city to communal living in the countryside. Then Movie Night! Movies have moved form Monday to Friday, worked out better for more of us.

I never had a day where money didnt get in my way

This one is for Friends.... DSP, some textured CS (thanks to the Sizzix) and ribbon, a sentiment stamped on white in a matching ink then punched out & adhered. I am telling you, this is Great Therapy!

Reverend Hancock was over last night for dinner and dvr. Such a wonderful person. We had a great discussion about suffixes and the importance (or not) of them... "ess", "ette", say in actress vs actor. Why the denotion to begin with? To show that one is different (ie: not as worthy as much pay) than the norm? Or to put it in your face? Who came up with the whole deal anyways?

otra dia mas

a beautiful day, made more so by the several new (and COLORFUL) outfits Spirit got me for my Bday :-) Dawns on me that-as I am looking so snazzy in new clothes- I need a haircut. Sigh. That is a whole lunch hour shot.

So, this card is actually DSP (was a 12x12 piece) that I cut up based on where the pattern was, then embellished with Stickles glue & heat embossed the bottom right corner w/sentiment.

Today is bath day... 4 dragons, 15 mins each in their own tub.. I wish they could be social about the whole thing. I'd put them in the spa tub & let them do their sauna thing as one huge party!
But no... they get stressed and all weirded out :-( so solo it is.

Weekday evenings are mostly free which I am REALLY enjoying.. .home to water, play w/the babies, see Spirit, etc. This weekend will be B U S Y. Friday I am taking off to go help women in our Circle move another woman from Austin to Elgin.
Hope my boss remembers I have already asked off for it!

Baby I love your ways

ah, nothing like a little Frampron to get you going in the morning!
So, Rick came & my puppies now have a proper ROOF!! Picture will follow, I promise.
Great day was a blast!