otra dia mas

a beautiful day, made more so by the several new (and COLORFUL) outfits Spirit got me for my Bday :-) Dawns on me that-as I am looking so snazzy in new clothes- I need a haircut. Sigh. That is a whole lunch hour shot.

So, this card is actually DSP (was a 12x12 piece) that I cut up based on where the pattern was, then embellished with Stickles glue & heat embossed the bottom right corner w/sentiment.

Today is bath day... 4 dragons, 15 mins each in their own tub.. I wish they could be social about the whole thing. I'd put them in the spa tub & let them do their sauna thing as one huge party!
But no... they get stressed and all weirded out :-( so solo it is.

Weekday evenings are mostly free which I am REALLY enjoying.. .home to water, play w/the babies, see Spirit, etc. This weekend will be B U S Y. Friday I am taking off to go help women in our Circle move another woman from Austin to Elgin.
Hope my boss remembers I have already asked off for it!
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