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Hallmark Holidays

well...oh my... I have had so much FUN!! One of the guys @ work gave me a box of chocolates, as did Jorge, the Maintenance man at my apartment complex. :-) And, for a self treat, I watched "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" with both kitties... Buoy in my lap, Callie @ my feet. Well, that is, until the end where I played the "Dance" test...and then got up & danced the Oompa Loompa dance with the DVD...oh my... laughed so loud I am sure the neighbors are wondering! Finally had a "heart to heart" with a friend...said some things that needed to be said so I feel a lot better about that. Now to start making my meditation table a little more suited to working with some psychic energy...want to personalize it a little... stay tuned!!

gosh what a weekend!

Well, let me just say that this was the best weekend so far this year! Friday I was at home alone... got Chili's To-Go and 2 chick flicks. Saturday I had to work but that was balanced by Art Day w/my gal pals and dinner/movie. Then home for much needed rest. Sunday was far better than I expected. To start, after feeding kitties I went back to bed and slept in until 10am!! Got up, finished my pages for the "Tree of Life" book & packaged for mailing out, then on to Book Woman with Elizabeth for the "Book Goddesses" book club...awesome group! Terrific Yin energy present (the intuitive, receptive, nurturing side of ourselves that is in connection with the Divine). Then dinner out AGAIN @ Macaroni Grill... gosh, I got enough food for 3 meals!! I highly recommend the Clam Chowder, but as a MEAL, not an appetizer. I had to get my meal packaged "to-go" I was so full!! The Indigo Girls song "Closer to Fine" keeps coming up so I will post a v…