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today's tutorial

This card is not bulky if you use thin DSP (designer scrapbook paper) 20# weight OR cut the sections out from each other if using cardstock.
4.25x5.5 Black bottom
4x5.25 DSP bottom
3x4.25 Black middle
2.75x4 DSP middle
1.75x3 Black top
1.5x2.75 DSP top
Focal image size can vary.. 1.75x1” in this case, to fit word cutout Also gold thin ribbon wrapped around center set &
Adhesive of choice.

Bottom picture is same technique, different papers

catching up

Sitting at the coffeeshop.... catching up... drinking a cup of iced coffee and surfing the web....handed out one of my cards to a gal...maybe a new art day person... who knows...

Terrific Day!!

So, work goes really well today, all considered. That is always a plus. But, to top that off I arrive home to find not one but TWO pieces of good news!! Star Trek:Into Darkness is arriving tomorrow AND my PTO for Thanksgiving Trip back home has been approved. So, Father & Son you have been warned!! Yippee!!!

Tropical Storm update

Well, Tropical Storm K has withered to mostly a non-event. We are getting some rain wich is good because the rain barrel was repaired Friday and set in excited because it was full this mroming and still holding water. No leak!! No wind but still we are cutting down the tree that sits by my art room because Mr Buoy has once again gone up it and onto the roof. He spent 8+ hours on the roof Wednesday and I am tired of climbing the ladder after him.
Went out last evening for dinner and tok a few pictures while awaiting the arrival of the storm. Got some cool shots of an Osprey having her dinner in a tree and some of the Long Beach Harbour. Today was spent sleeping in (7am, sigh), the gym, do laundry, eat some lunch (baked potato with chili & cheese...YUM!) Oh, yeah,,, and cut down that infernal tree!

Tomorrow is art day... 11am-2pm. If you are interested please contact me! You would need to bring your own project to work on (needlecraft, quilting, wood burning, coloring/d…