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Well, lunch was quite well enjoyed, I must say. Hope I get to do that again! THen back to work until 5, and then the day really got to moving... picked up a few more chapters for the book I am helping to "ghost write". I think this will be 7 or 8 chapters so far. Can't wait to see the book! Was only a wee bit tardy to Elizabeth's 6pm celebration dinner, then onto the 8-9pm meeting, home for some kitty time & pack an overnight bag for mom's after work tomorrow... checking my email now... and off to bed I go for a fun-filled weekend! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Without going into explaining the how to it all, today's message was "Yellow for power of mind and will"... so I pocketed up a piece of yellow calcite and walked on out the door, thinking no more of it until now. Bob (one of the drivers here at work) just came in off his route and handed me yellow irises. :-) Of all the colors he could have chosen....

another full moon passes

and what a moon it was!!! So, pagan group met for dinner the 8th, goddess group the 12th, Sisters the 13th, full moon the 14th, payday the 15th, wow...WHAT A WEEK!!!! Trying some new stuff, so far so good. Got a few stones I was missing whilst I was in town for the goddess book group, along with some herbs & incense to refill what I was low on. Added 2 entries in my BofS. That was empowering, actually. Enchanted the blue star topaz Mom passed on to me.
Accepted an invitation to lunch for tomorrow... actually kinda looking forward to it, altho sorta nervous, too. Going to see Mom this weekend, will pick up the cedar posts for mine & Diana's staffs. Be nice if she's also rounded up baby food jars (for keeping my herbs in). Jayce headed to SA to pick up Erica and then they are heading to S Padre for the rest of Spring Break. Hope weather there nicer than it is here...cloudy & gray, rain forecasted for next four days. Llano is next excited. I am taking …