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ahh, Friday.... Video day!

Video Day on HighLowAha and also, movie night @ SSS... and time to walk some kitties....Spirit has the dogs... and I want COFFEE!

This card was for the woman that created this altar (yes, that is an altar, on the floor, rather LARGE in scale!). I had a picture of her creation that I trimmed and mounted on yellow CS. Then I stamped "Goddess" in VersaMark along right hand side & heat embossed with gold EP.

how can I get to Grapevine?

I want to go to the 16th annual rubber stamp/paper arts convention being held July 18th in Grapevine, Texas. From my home, it is about a 4 hour drive. Convention starts @ 10am, so would leave here about 6am. $8 @ the door, door closes @ 5pm, home by 9pm or so. Spirit works 8:30am-1:30pm so cant go, and if we wait until after work, would be almost 5pm by the time we got there. So that is out. And I don't want to go by myself... so... who wants to walk around a convention center for 7 hours with me whilst I oooh and aaaahh over lovely (but possibly oddball) creations?


hey y'all... July 18 & 19 is the Heirloom RUBBER STAMP AND PAPER ARTS FESTIVAL.... and I wanna go... NEVER BEEN... 4 hour drive for me... wondered if anyone else is going?

running on empty.... running on!!

more later, late for work...spent morning watering!

Okay... was busy impersonating Mother Nature and convincing all of our new struggling trees that it truly was raining! and the toads I found in the back bed. So patient... just sat there, watching me rain from the long green tube. LOL.

Let's see... card is black base, DSP for front, stamped the butterfly (SU) and then covered with a thin layer of tape runner. Covered the tape with Clear Snap's Sparkle Fiber and added sticker @ bottom right. Done!

Taking rats to the movies?

Well, woke up after dreaming about taking Hestia (the remaining ratling) to the movies... there was a pet shop next door so we went in to get her a Friend (it is lonely, being the only rat in the house) and then went to the movies. Nothing like trying to hold a rat still for a coupla hours. We were apparently so busy with the rats that, even in my dream, we never actually WATCHED the movie. Can't tell you a thing about it!

After awakening, I arose and headed to the bathroom for teeth brushing, etc. What did I see? Our champion mouser, Abigale (and her lovely assistant Callie) had corralled a tiny little mouse in the corner under the perfume shelves (aside: yes, I have THAT many) . So, after relocating the mouse, I am here to tell you about this card. . . .

DSP front (rounded cornersof all 3), glued on scrap image of girl, stamped sentiment in VersaMark then coated with MoonGlow EP in pink on brown scrap piece. Attached with brads to the card front & then mounted whole thing to…

and so begins another week

clipart image, printed to fit & colored, then foam tape for dimension. mount on 20# paper then on DSP. Add gold tape % stamp with "best Wishes".

now to walk some cats, adore some dogs, feed some fish, etc

Ah, Summer is here!

Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation... or, if you are us, the day to go get some bookcases, stop & celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Bastrop Producer's Market (where my cards are for sale) and then celebrate our Mother at this evening's Summer Solstice ritual.

Right now, coffee, laundry, feed the guinea pig & rat, walk the cats, feed some lizards... typical day's start.

This is a recycled piece of background, an image from a magazine mounted in center, added a metal tag w/ribbon and a flower. The sentiment is piece of CS cust w/deckle scissors & stamped with fluid chalk.