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Good Morning Universe!

I love Saturday mornings! Upon awakening I open my eyes...stretch a tad, then discover I am pinned under the quilt.... hmmm.... So I peel open my eyes, pull covers down to my chin and see what has happened to keep me in bed. Buoy is still in HIS place, on the other pillow on the bed... I know that. But what is on my other side? Callie! She is laying on her side facing me and has stretched all the way out & is curved against me from shoulders to hips. She is so funny...and she was probably cold... fur coat aside. I pet them both and await my 3rd kitty, Abigale, bc she always shows up when she hears I am awake. Sure enough, she steers around the dog in the floor and hops up on the chair next to head of bed & starts bathing Buoy.

Fully awake, I slid on out of bed, started the coffee, grilled some pan sausage & dry-fried an egg (I LOVE that pan!! no oil needed!) and dropped some toast into the machine. So I have already eaten, had cup of coffee #1 and checked my email, etc. I …

oh my gosh

A month? A MONTH? I have not posted here in a MONTH? Phooey..can ya tell it is "propane season" in Central Texas? Sigh. I cannot really complain since it is a very SHORT season. But between that and finishing up physical therapy from the "Harley vs Monterro" incident October 23rd, a lot of stuff is going undone. On the flip side, Physical therapy is just about done.. I have regained almost full use (altho still with some residual pain, am assured that will eventually cease) of all the "run over parts" and managed to get my 10x10 storage facility emptied out. My stuff and I are now reunited. I am so happy!! Hard to play with paper when it is a 30 minute round-trip walk to the storage unit to get the RIGHT item, be it paper, ink, embossing powder, punch, stickle, embellishment or whatever. What I am now losing in exercise I am making up in creative time spent with my art materials. Not a lot of workspace in my new abode but still manageable. Will spend …