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TGIF , I think

well...I actually have had to W O R K today...on a you imagine? And, have also had to run here and there for the bosses during what was to have been my lunch hour... and I am now on hold for a personal much for getting off work on time!

Almost Friday!!

Well, last night was a blast! Missed our Pagan Dinner because a friend of mine was in Austin, playing a free show. Troy Campbell is promoting his latest CD... go check it out! And, even managed to pick up some chayote & acorn squash for the dragons and a bottle of Texas Muscat Canelli for my mom to try. She is a fan of Llano Estacado, but theirs is hard to find, so thought I would see how she liked this one for an option.

Daimon ate his mouse on Tues, but Agathos did not... sigh. And Loki keeps turning off his heatlamp by jumping at it until the bulbs stops working. Bigger sigh... gotta get some lamp covers soon. Today we are experimenting with the ambient room temp...getting a tad bit on the warm side, even for Australian desert lizards so we are leaving the door to their den open during the day whilst the cats are up and about...see what the stress level is like later.

Seems somehow Peace missed my post Re: upcoming week, so when I mentioned we were heading to Mexico Sat Oct 1…


I decided to go look up a few of my old artistic haunts this week. In doing so, I found 2 new groups online for ATC's and mixed media art (postcards, mailart, etc) . ATC_World leaned a little too far to the religious edge so I had dropped out of it ages ago. So I looked for something a bit closer to my heart...and found a Pagan group that I think will suit me well. That one is the one that approved me today. The other is a small group (less than 100) of people that have been cohesive and active since Dec 2004. I like that. Lots of activity means lots of art going on! So I will wait and see on that one. Today, I looked up the MSN group ATC Exchange that I used to participate in, as well as Nervousness (not sure when I became a full member there, just remember working my butt off!!). My full member status there was as of June my how time flies! So, dropped out of some of my other Yahoo groups to make room for some new ones. Art supplies are awaiting me.... now to…

Blast from the past?

Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 7:43 PM
Subject: Personal Message
> Hi Kristi,
> This is Jamie from the Kerrville SCA group. I wanted to tell you I am
> sorry for things happening the way they did. I listened to people who
> were jealous and spiteful. I hope your life has been good.
> Jamie

Wow... the time spoken of above is almost 20 years ago!! If memory serves me, we were friends around the time of my divorce from Rebel's sperm donor. A lot of ppl chose sides around that time due to some rumors the ex was spreading trying to cover his own deceitful trail of lies about whose bed he had been spending his time in. And, as a result of my NOT airing his inability to "keep it in his pants", I was painted the enemy. Ah well. What strikes me is that Jamie actually took the time to look me up, format an eamil, and apologize for something that happened in 1987! I do not even really recall the specifics, it has been so long. Hmmm.

On another note, my morning…

oh my aching head!

Well, woke up Saturday with a wee bit of a migraine.... medicated it when it hit 4 on the pain scale (on our way to Mom's house, no less...sigh). That held it at bay for a while, and we got our "stuff" done, had a wonderful time. But around 8pm it came back, around a 5 or so.... hit is again and went out to dinner, then home. Sunday, crawled outta bed around noon and hit it again... 3 times in just over a twenty-four hour period. .. that is allowable. Back to bed a few hours later until about 7pm, then back to bed again around 10pm. Sigh. Unfortunately, it is still hanging out today. On the good side, it is down to a steady throbbing 3 on the 0-10 scale. But we missed the Goddess book club yesterday :-( So, no plans tonight other than home, leftovers for dinner, and early to bed.... Ugh.

so THAT is how ppl spend Saturdays!

Well, yesterday was a BLAST!! Went to Mom's, cleaned some stuff up for her as she is having a60th Bday gala next week @ home. Headed back home, decided to hit Wally World, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond... wow, amazing how long you can spend in those places. Spent so long, it was 8pm and we'd not even eaten! So bumped the HEB run (greens, 1/2 n 1/2, cat food, etc) to Sunday and decided to eat dinner @ Mamacita's in San Marcos.

WalMart was a simple run for things we needed for the house (other than food, dood is HEB) but Hobby Lobby & BB&B were a different story entirely. Hobby Lobby was having a paper sale, and I have a scrapbook for Rebel's high school football years I want to get started on, as well as one for our handfasting, one for hte reptiles, and on & on & on. So spent almost 3 hours there, I think. Then another coupla hours at BB&B. We had a couple of gift cards to use, so got the shelving unit we'd been eyeballing since August, as …