oh my aching head!

Well, woke up Saturday with a wee bit of a migraine.... medicated it when it hit 4 on the pain scale (on our way to Mom's house, no less...sigh). That held it at bay for a while, and we got our "stuff" done, had a wonderful time. But around 8pm it came back, around a 5 or so.... hit is again and went out to dinner, then home. Sunday, crawled outta bed around noon and hit it again... 3 times in just over a twenty-four hour period. .. that is allowable. Back to bed a few hours later until about 7pm, then back to bed again around 10pm. Sigh. Unfortunately, it is still hanging out today. On the good side, it is down to a steady throbbing 3 on the 0-10 scale. But we missed the Goddess book club yesterday :-( So, no plans tonight other than home, leftovers for dinner, and early to bed.... Ugh.
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