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almost there!

my vacation time is just around the corner..I can smell it! Tomorrow is my last day at work this week.... Friday I will be helping Rebel scout some new digs. Sat & Sun gonna range around a bit. Mon, well...that is Memorial Day... probably catch up on stuff around the house, filing, art swaps, etc. Tuesday is my birthday... thinking of maybe heading on over to Enchanted Rock if the weather is NICE. Not climbing it in the rain!! Weds I will be heading to Bandera to see Mom and hang out, maybe go to lunch with her & some friends... Then back to work Thurs...just in time for PAYDAY!! LOL.
Agathos is on a hunger strike it seems.. he did not eat on the 10th and now he is about to shed so he did not eat last night either. Daimon is really regular about his meals... sigh