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"Everybody's working for the weekend"

That is actually a Loverboy song and it should be played all over the world on Mondays just to remind us why we come to work every day. However, as it is Saturday, I am AT work... there is something wrong about that, it seems! Would love for boss to decide that being open 8am-noon on Saturdays is just not cost effective. If we were closed, I could do something else with my time, like sleep til 8am!! I have had a grand total of one phone call (which I took a message for because it was for my co-worker) and one walk in client (Who dropped off a payment off for a meters account...which is D's realm, not mine, so I left that on her desk). Basically I have done nothing that would qualify as REAL work yet... and it is 10:30am. SIGH.............. 2.5 hours down, 1.5 to go.

Pythons did not eat last night.... day 8. We'll try again Sunday night and see if hungry yet... maybe they just need to be on a two-week cycle. Lady on the Reptile Board did respond to my query. She is a breede…

well... update

Well, the landppl came by last night, very briefly..about 10-15 mins tops. I pointed out to HER where HE had staked it out, she looked at him & said "Yeah, that IS too close." So, first we gave them a list of 10 grievances (kitchen floor still not retiled, back porch still not repairs, front porsh still not complete, etc etc etc) and then we told them what we forsaw for the storage facility.... and they have agreed. Far front corner, has its own road rather than using our driveway, and gets at LEAST an 8ft privacy fence around it. Now we see if they really actually START building... if this goes at the rate that all his other "projects" do, will be a year or so... and we'll be gone. Our lease is up 7/31/6... depending on circumstances, we'll move. If they were sneaky about this, who knows.. they may decide to sell the entire 6 acres as commercial proeprty & move house off, turn it into a strip mall. If they lied about this, what will they lie a…

But we have a lease!!

Well, Spirit went by & talked to the LandLady... she says we should talk to the LandLord about this proposed self-storage facility...that he is really willing to "work with us," etc. We reread our entire (5 page) lease last night... found 2 clauses that I think make it pretty clear that this is not an acceptable arrangement::
#6 QUIET ENJOYMENT: Lessor covenants that on paying the rent & performing the covenants herein contained, Lessee shall peacefully and quietly have, hold, and enjoy the demised premises for the agreed term.
And #7 USE OF PREMISES: The demised premises shall be used and occupied by Lessee exclusively as a private single family residence, and neither the premises nor any part thereof shall be used at any time during the term of this lease by Lessee for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private single family residence.

Ummm, I am not a legal beagle or anything, but I THINK th…

spitting mad!

Well, get home from the funeral today around 5pm (Rita's mom passed 8/31) only to find our landlord staking out a square in our front!? When asked "What on earth are you doing?" he answered "Measuring for a storage building." Turns out he is looking into opening a self-storage facility IN OUR FRONT YARD. Now, I don't know our rights here, but we signed a lease on a 3/2 mobile home on 6.1 acres. NOTHING was said about a possible storage facility in THE FREAKING FRONT YARD!!!! I think he got the idea we were a tad bit upset, because he pulled up the stakes and his little pink plastic lines connecting them and was gone before we could change out or our funeral finery and into ass-kicking attire.