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updating on Mom

well....Mom went back into surgery yesterday afternoon... something about holes in her lung..they put some laser type tools through her ribs into her lung to see what was going on... then they debrided the surface of her lung and stapled it together and then sewed her back up... so yesterday evening she was sitting up in the recovery room working her crossword...amazing what being able to breath can do for you!

more later as I learn about it....

she is thinking she'll get to go home Saturday...I am thinking Monday?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

And if so, is that why I dreamt of telling electricians how to wire a building? Actually, the dream is more likely a result of last night's conversations.... turns out my Mom's health had taken a turn for the worst last Friday and I just learned she spent last weekend in 2 different ERs. My Father called last night to tell me she might get to go home from the hospital Thursday... I was like, umm...when did she go INTO the hospital?!?!? Father is an electrician. I told him next time to tell me when Mom goes IN, not OUT of, hospital. Anyways, telling the electrician how to do his job... yeah, I can guess where that dream came from.

Oh, you might know that book as a movie...."BladeRunner". For you triviaphiles. I always read the book(s)...movies take too long and I don't sit still that well anyways...trying to do so while staring at a little box does not work well for me.

So, Mom was out on the deck Friday evening late, got up to come inside and got dizzy, fell &…

The Pretender

Ah, another beautiful DAY!!!!! We had a lovely dinner w/Peace & Company last evening.... my 3rd successful morning of Art & Meditation (even WITH the dog!), a fun-filled evening w/my community to plan the upcoming esbat.... what more could I ask for? Speaking of the ya go!

Into the Fire

How fitting the morning song, based on weekend work with the Maiden, Summer Solstice & my messages from spirit (the fuse has been lit). And to further coincide... Northern Lights brought me a red Beta today at work! Named him Thor, of course... Red God. Would have gone with Loki but already have a dragon named that. Will have to see about getting a picture of Thor on here...

So have been doing some stuff around my art... around trying to factor in creative time every day, about seeing the worth in sharing it with others, etc. Did a ritual Sunday about Art, then made a small altar in my art space as a reminder. Then started a small "Art A Day"booklet yesterday (was a daily planner that Shranek sent to me from Nervousness). Did the front cover & inner leaf. This morning before work I did the 1st page! That is my plan now that Spirit's schedule has changed (effective today) I have some of my morning time back !! As does Spirit! I now leave home first... and we…