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I miss paper...

Well, not newspaper paper but the FUN kind of paper, like the stuff that is on my art table, calling to me..."Come play with me". I got a few cards done last night in preparation to vend @ this year's 17th Annual GoddessFest. Am probably not going to get time to make any sabat card sets other than the one prototype I did before Spirit's back injury. That set I will donate to the raffle. Most of what little time I did get to sit at my table was spent excavating it in order to see what project was left in what state and tally the damage done due to Abigale's taking up residence on top of it all in my absence.

Now, it is almost time to go home so I can bathe dogs, feed cats & dogs & guinea, gather up lizard plates, scoop guinea & cat litters, clean fish tank, eat dinner, feed snakes and go to bed.... and somewhere in there find time to get caught up on all the art swaps I committed to prior to 9/4/9 AND watch Whale Rider with some friends that are comi…

Blessings abound

Well, Spirit's 1st full day at home... and take it easy? Never! Spent 2 hours vacumming, then spent night in pain .. .. .. .. D'UH! Today I left a list of chores to get done, all from a SEATED position. Got home last night to find a friend had brought over a pushmower (yes, lawn was pretty overgrown, seems someone noticed). I guess not to be outdone, Don came over from next door on his riding mower & they made quick work of front yard. While they were doing that, Don's son (Jeff) and I weilded weedwhackers for front beds & culvert areas. Passed out some plates of lasagna to all, all glasses of water. Then away everyone went, as suddenly as they appeared. I looked around, counted days back to last GOOD rain and decided I had better water. Silly me. If I would watch the weather channel once in a while, I would see we were slated for rain... which did actually show up around 3am. How do I know the time? See 3rd sentence...sigh. But was very restful, listening to …

Elvis has left the building!

And Spirit has left the hospital! Some rehab to get scheduled and will be in a walker (and out of work) for the next 30 days. Sigh. But scripts are filled and will be here soon (Thanks to Energy. blessings to you) and dinner is ready bc BNR dropped off stew & cornbread (love you!). So, dont call hospital room any longer! I'll make sure cell is charged & within reach as well as the home phone. Thanks to all of you during these last days... Starting with L5 on Thursday, Dr Ruth on Friday, the incredibly nice people @ CTMC ER Saturday/Sunday and the the staff on the 3rd floor @ St David's north. We are home. And exhausted.