Blessings abound

Well, Spirit's 1st full day at home... and take it easy? Never! Spent 2 hours vacumming, then spent night in pain .. .. .. .. D'UH! Today I left a list of chores to get done, all from a SEATED position. Got home last night to find a friend had brought over a pushmower (yes, lawn was pretty overgrown, seems someone noticed). I guess not to be outdone, Don came over from next door on his riding mower & they made quick work of front yard. While they were doing that, Don's son (Jeff) and I weilded weedwhackers for front beds & culvert areas. Passed out some plates of lasagna to all, all glasses of water. Then away everyone went, as suddenly as they appeared. I looked around, counted days back to last GOOD rain and decided I had better water. Silly me. If I would watch the weather channel once in a while, I would see we were slated for rain... which did actually show up around 3am. How do I know the time? See 3rd sentence...sigh. But was very restful, listening to the rain on the roof :-)

Today is the Fall Equinox, when night and day are balanced. The wheel is turning to the Second Harvest. Day and night come into balance. We find ourselves looking back at the seeds we planted at Ostara and looking forward at the dark time to come. We will use the balance of the Equinox to prepare for the dark. Take some time to think about those things that you have manifested from the planting time. How would you express those manifestations? Join me as I observe this time with the Austin Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess!! We meet @ 7pm; ritual starts @ 7:30pm.
Click on the link above for info/directions.
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