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After signing papers for 75 minutes, we closed on the property Tuesday!! 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a lot of stuff to get moved in the very near future.... Just the 3 of us Tuesday evening after we got the keys... last night SF came & helped w/a minivan which made moving my plants MUCH easier... especially with a freeze predicted...they needed to get on over there. Tonight we pick up our new washer & dryer and installed those. Tomorrow is the big push to box up all the rest of the little stuff & get all the boxes and whatnot over. Saturday will be the moving van (ie: big stuff, big guys). Sunday we head to Bryan for a moving break... and Deep. December has not even happened yet and ALREADY it is packed chock full of stuff! Blessings to us all.... and a fence for Dinkums, soon....

Just another MANIC MONDAY

I wish it was Sunday.... Sunday December 2nd so my moving into OUR NEW HOUSE would be over... sigh...we close tomorrow at 3:30pm... they gotta get the porches corrected first!! Hopefully that will be done today...dont't want to sign & then have no leverage if not done... argh!! You can TELL a man installed the porches because they are built in such a way that you cannot get a queen-sized boxspring into the house...the couch is a maybe if you can get it OVER the RAILING. Oh, and Luna & Loki's 6 foot long, 4.5 foot tall habitat....forget about way...stay tuned.