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Let there be love

Excuse the hand at the bottom but this is a gate-fold card (folds in middle) so I am holding it closed :-)

my morning song (from the 6am, not 1am time)
Michael Bolton LET THERE BE LOVE
We've got the power, we've got the hunger for the search
As we race across the heavens to embrace the universe
In this hour and in truth what is it worth
When we can't escape the madness
We've created on this earth
They say that money talks but you and I
Know places money just don't say enough
Let there be love where there is emptiness
Let there be faith where hope is gone
Let there be strength where there is helplessness
And open eyes to see right from wrong
We've gotta find a way to trust
The very best in all of us
Let there be love, let there be love
We live divided behind imaginary walls
Brother against brother, we just watch each other fall
With hearts united we will never stand so tall
Reachin' out to one another
We'll find the meaning of it all
Ain't one power we will e…

Ebony & Ivory

... live together in perfect harmony. Seems like this song sorta goes with the sentiment on today's card. Actually took some time off yesterday from the "real" world and tried a few cards the Zindorf way. Why did I not upload one of those? Because they are still in the camera... sigh.

On the other hand, it is TUESDAY and I am mostly well. Short on sleep and covered in some nasty ugly itchy rash, but well. LOL. On the plus side of that, found 2 shirts I was needing to go with 2 really hard to match skirts, so I am wearing one now. Keeps the legs from itching more if I keep clothing off of them.
And, since I tried to cutoff my thumb, pants are too hard to button. And don't even ASK how I got my bra on!

This card is simple.. DSP with a vellum butterfly die (Sizzix), a ribbon & a word stamp... tada!

Off to work I go to see how much havoc appeared in my absence.