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Woman Who Follows her Heart helps lead others to theirs

This is Kim Duckett, who opened the June 2007 Saturday conference @ the Feminist Hullabaloo with a beautiful ritual which included powerful drumming and dancing in a ceremony which included a dancer metaphorically releasing women’s oppressions, batterings, and abuses into a cauldron to be burned away. She spoke of these times in which we are living as times of “quickening,” urging us to recognize the way, as women, we are connected by our experiences, by our love and passion for each other, and feminism. Describing her own feminism as her spirituality, she said that the Feminist Hullaballoo was a gathering of transformation, but that we are the transformation.“I am a radical feminist. I am a radical Lesbian Feminist. I blossomed as a lesbian feminist in the 1970s. And I remain and continue and will die a lesbian feminist. It is just who and what I am and why I’m here, no matter how it is expressed; for example, my early activism regarding rape and violence against wimmin, or teaching …

Rebel is Legal!!

Happy Birthday to Rebel
Happy Birthday to Rebel
Happy 21st Birthday dear Rebel
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Mr President

boy, do you even WONDER who Pink was talking to?

Taking the Long Way

This morning's song.... and since I have tossed Spirit out the door already, showered, scooped litters and made breakfast, figured I might as well post it whilst I still recall it. Spent last night busybusybusy, as usual. Took neighbor to their 1st ever a WW meeting. Think it will work well. It did for me, I know.... there is a lot to be said for community & support. Got home around 7:30pm to dinner wiating and then schoolwork. My Cycle 1 in WTI is soon to be over and I am not near ready as I have yet to finish all the required curriculum, much less the documentation of said curriculum! So we sat down last night and assessed out individual coursework... what I've done, what is left, and what I have done but cannot yet PROVE since a scrap of paper or a post it w/reminders to myself do not actually COUNT as documentation of said activity! Sigh....

Another gorgeous day scheduled for Central Texas... high 70's, low 60's. Got a postcard from a soul at sendsomething.…

2008 Wheel

Well, what a WONDERFUL start to a year!!!! Kim & Barb were here to kickoff this year's Wheel... Year II, no less. SO much to remember, to recall, to journal about.... to take out into the world and SHARE....