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Dinner with the Pink Panther

Late but lovely evening last night.. .. .. Spirit got home & then we headed out the door for a dinner date. Get this... no potluck, no cooking, no effort at all on my part except show up & eat. How awesome is that? And eat I did... steaks still juicy, mango avocado chutney, roasted ears of corn & baked yams.... we had great food and even better time spent in conversation with some friends we'd not seen in quite some time. Been over a year, I think?

Am participating in a month-long assessment of strengths, based on the book StrengthsQuest by Tom Rath, over on HighLowAha. Today was a listing of your top 5 strengths and opening up come chat about the accuracy of your findings. I thought mine was fairly accurate.

So, Week/Strength 1 (of 5) : Connectedness
Things happen for a reason. You are sure of it. You are sure of it because in your soul you know that we are all connected. Yes, we are individuals, responsible for our own judgments and in possession of our own free will, …

stormy sunsets

Rebel took some photos with an iPhone... can you imagine???? Not much rain out of it, but lots of great sky!

Turn the car around

Shattered is actually the name of the song ( ^^ ) by a band called "Of A Revolution". Nice. This is made with things out of my scrap bin and layered.

Today Frank arrives. Songstone's guinea pig will be boarding with us during the Colorado trip. That should perk up the dogs. Nothing like a new household member.

Gotta get the cats in... and make breakfast... YAWN

Never be the same

Well, that is sorta an appropriate card for the song of the day...
Pardon me, I'll never be the same... because I miss you! See, wove those 2 together this morning.

This is a card base I used DTP ink on, then added the brown piece and the red piece (1st left over from mask, second from a stint playing with the circle cutter). Then the sentiment (Cuttlebug die embossed on Sizzix)., Added some glitter pens.

Today is the monthly Board Meeting for Austin RCG. 7pm @ Genuine Joe's, come on down!

a day in the life of...

So... Tara starts pacing at about 5:21am....take me out... I have to pee...... which is done, and then the bed is crawled back into. Bud has a larger bladder :-) Then the alarm goes off a tad later and Callie jumps into the center of the bed, all meows. So I pet her for a bit, waiting on Bud to stroll in... then I pet them both. I hear Buoy in the kitchen, meowing for fresh water. And Spirit is up by now because I hear coffee grinding and Tara has been let back inside. So I stretch my feet/calves (plantar fasciitis) and then roll outta bed and into the bathroom for shower/teeth/sinus rinse. I get dressed, put Callie & Buoy outside for a bit on their leashes then I go sit at the computer to post here & go read HighLowAha. By this time Spirit has fed the fish and the dogs and is now cutting up 6 lizard salads. And, based on how QUIET the guinea pig now is, I am betting she, too, has been attended to. Abigale is on the computer desk, trying to fish my fingers off the keyboard an…

Heading to the 'Rents!

Last "Magic Happens" card. And now that the plants and snakes and toads have been watered, cats & dogs & lizards fed & watered, guinea pig fed & watered (did I forget anyone?!?) it is time to head to Bandera Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World and home to my parents house for the day.



Communities change, struggle, grow, change some more. Two communities I am in are in the midst of that process and others (who don't accept that things change or die) are having some growth issues of their own. Understandable.

Some wonder if my life would be "smoother" ie:less hectic if I would change my nick from chaotic to something a little more staid. I tell them that "chaotic" is more than an name... it is a lifestyle. I have arrived at the point in my life where I am okay with things changing. I define the essence of chaos as the "sensitive dependence on initial conditions." The key word is INITIAL. Because conditions will (and DO) change. Life is about change. And the sooner people learn to grow through the changes in their lives, the happier (IMHO) they will be. Life is not about control. It is about living, learning, loving, laughing... and sometimes limping through things the best I can.

So, this is a timely card... black/white base, a c…