Communities change, struggle, grow, change some more. Two communities I am in are in the midst of that process and others (who don't accept that things change or die) are having some growth issues of their own. Understandable.

Some wonder if my life would be "smoother" ie:less hectic if I would change my nick from chaotic to something a little more staid. I tell them that "chaotic" is more than an name... it is a lifestyle. I have arrived at the point in my life where I am okay with things changing. I define the essence of chaos as the "sensitive dependence on initial conditions." The key word is INITIAL. Because conditions will (and DO) change. Life is about change. And the sooner people learn to grow through the changes in their lives, the happier (IMHO) they will be. Life is not about control. It is about living, learning, loving, laughing... and sometimes limping through things the best I can.

So, this is a timely card... black/white base, a couple of die cuts affixed to that with a green brad, sentiment stamped on vellum strip and then rounded corners... reminds us that, like life, MAGIC HAPPENS. And now I have to go make some magic happen on the websites I maintain so the info is current!
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