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working for the weekend

well, been at work since 8am... 30 more minutes to go and a whopping 6 customers and NO phone calls. And I get PAID for this... Hurrah! I've cleaned the dashboard of the car I repo'd from my 18 yr old son (with many mutterings on his part, I tell ya!). I've made a macrame choker as a gift for David's daughter. And I've gesso'd the board book for Mandalin's RR on FairyTales.. unfortunately I have not actually started to work on my inside spreads yet, all I have done is prepped the book and covered the outside. Sigh. This book has to leave my hands Monday... need to get WAY motivated here! Good news is that I finished the Haiku, Blue & White & Mandala swaps and packaged for mailing last night. So, this weekend will be for the BOOK only. Still owe 1 ATC swap but is not due until by July 30th. Got Pamela H's "Create with Clay" entry last night. She also enclosed a set of 5 ATCs...1 for each of her cats! We'd been emailing back and…

Feeling MUCH better!

okay, another early night to bed last night, something like 8:43pm. And not much done in between the time I got home & bedtime. But today is MUCH better... even worked on a few (of the 5) swaps I have due soon. Mandalin's RR board book on Fairy Tales is due out June 27th, then the "Mandala" CD swap and Haiku's are due July 15th, then "Blue & White" and "Dark Crystal are both due July 30th. Apparently I can't do them in order because I finished "Blue & White" and all but the embellishments on "Haiku" today at work. That will have to wait until I get home. Mandalas are at home waiting for next round of acrylic. So I REALLY need to work on the board book before ANYTHING else! I have covered the outside but have not done either inside cover spread yet. Pics will follow, I promise.

Well, this day was a waste...

Okay, not a complete waste. Had a migraine late Weds afternoon, so rest of the day & evening were a wash... went home, medicated & then was out until this morning...and this morning was nothing to write home about... still in pain, feeling rotten. Would NOT have come to work today except I had promised to look in on Pam's kitties & I have a Weight Watcher meeting @ 6pm. So I had to come into town anyways. And, the overtime I already have on the board for this week would turn into regular time if I missed today's 8 hours. But, it is ALMOST 5pm... I have managed to hang in there, and I even got 2 mandala colored for my swap due on July 15th! That, and my daily deposit were ALL I got done.

Really wanting to upload pics

Got this AWESOME belated birthday ATC from Laurie (ATC World) yesterday!! Simple, when you break down the elements, but really great when you put it all together. A frog, of course, but what a frog! Makes me want to get some more pics done so I can upload them to "My Pictures" (see link to left) tonight! And, another set of "Create with Clay" ATCs is on their way! I can't wait to see what approach these take. My BDay gift to myself was a subscription to 'Somerset Studios' (which arrived yesterday) and a renewal to RubberStampMadness. I've been reading them during my lunch but they just make me want to be at home so I can try out new stuff. Another hour & a half and that is exactly where I will be heading...

Just another Manic Monday

Well, what a wild weekend, at least for me! First, I managed to sleep until NOON on Sunday!! That was a first, I think. Then I worked on my clays, baking some Polymer, painting some air dry & sealing. Also spent some time with my shrink plastic ideas. Coming along... Then, my son & I went to see "Batman Begins". Wow, 2 movies in a weekend, whatever will happen next?
Now it is Monday and work is just hopping... Diana is out today, Peggy was at lunch from 11am-noon, and the phones were just ringing off the wall! We have 5 phone lines. ARGH!! Now she is back and I am going to try to catch up a bit. Hard to do when I am bloggin, you would think. So, off I go! Oh, and as a PS: My son managed to crack the LCD on his laptop...gawd I hope that is covered under the "Extended Warranty" plan... ARRGGGHHHH