Feeling MUCH better!

okay, another early night to bed last night, something like 8:43pm. And not much done in between the time I got home & bedtime. But today is MUCH better... even worked on a few (of the 5) swaps I have due soon. Mandalin's RR board book on Fairy Tales is due out June 27th, then the "Mandala" CD swap and Haiku's are due July 15th, then "Blue & White" and "Dark Crystal are both due July 30th. Apparently I can't do them in order because I finished "Blue & White" and all but the embellishments on "Haiku" today at work. That will have to wait until I get home. Mandalas are at home waiting for next round of acrylic. So I REALLY need to work on the board book before ANYTHING else! I have covered the outside but have not done either inside cover spread yet. Pics will follow, I promise.

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