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Domestic Violence :-(

Well, turns out our Furries (Alecto, Tisiphone, and Magaera) are having some domestic sisterly squabbles. Alecto and Magaera (one or both) have been picking on Tisiphone. We knew they had spats now & then, you hear them squeak and rush about. Well, yesterday I heard a PROLONGED (3-4 second) shreik and when I investigated, Tisiphone had run around behind the house & was backed into the corner...and had bite marks on her flank. Can't tell if they ar all fresh or this has been happening for a while because they are so fast it is hard to see them.... they wont be still!! So, arranged temporary lodgings and finally managed to scoop Tisiphone up & relocate her until we could decide how to handle the sibling rivalry that evening. Solution we chose was a 3 floor condo, each level having its own house, water bottle & food bowl, as well as shred to play/burrow in. In no way was this a small undertaking. The condo itself is huge, and concessions had to be made for shred on a…

Spell for today's "Hallmark Holiday"

Love and Light Spell
February 14 has become a night of forced and unromantic romance. This year, take it back and make it yours. Today in 1824, Ladies’ Garland, the first newspaper addressing the interests of women, was published in the U.S. Today in 1912, Arizona became the forty-eighth state. It’s the eve of Lupercalia, the Roman festival of the she-wolf, a day of purification and fertility. It was also the “Old Candlemass” in many traditions, before Candlemass was realigned to February 2. Celebrate who and what you love in this life. Use beautiful scented candles to illuminate your home. Surround yourself with sensual, textural foods, clothing, and experiences. Prepare a meal with your loved ones, and prepare it with love. Eat by candlelight. Send loving e-mails or postcards to friends and family. Appreciate inspiration, inspire others, and grow love in the coming season. By: Cerridwen Iris Shea

So, on that note, Spirit & I are going to dinner with several like-mind…

yawn...sigh.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, Eddi was let go from work Saturday...issues, you know. Sick, too much time off for bosses, stuff like that. So, here we are again, just the two of us, during our flat-out straight-up busiest freaking time of the entire year... oh, and did I mention 6 phone lines? Walk in clients? Builders who need immediate & complete attention NOW. Oh, and the ppl I am in the process of disconnecting or suing. No, we don't need any help! ARGH! Stay tuned.....