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Card tutorial for today

Well, busy day here on the beach... so busy I forgot to eat lunch! Anyways, I have done a card for today and so let me post it and tell you what I did!

• Ink pads in 3 coordinating colors (or can just use 1 color)
• Background paper (mine is a left over scrap from one of those 12x12 paper pads) 5.5x4.25
• Card Base(A2) 5.5 x 4.25 folded size
• Ribbon or washi tape 9about 6 inches)
• Floral stamp (any will do, see sample)
• Scrap paper for banner (see below)
• Adhesive of choice AND a dimensional adhesive (can be pop dots, foam tape, whatever for layering)
Stamp a floral image3 times (once each on 3 different scraps of paper)
Fussy cut around the 3 floral images and set aside
Emboss the background paper with a cuttlebug folder (again, any will do)
Add ribbon or washi tape near bottom edge of background paper and adhere
Adhere background paper to front of card base (landscape oriented)
Make banner from scrap piece of paper (mine is 1” by 5.5”). I make th…

New week, new endeavors...

I have not accomplished all the tasks I set out for myself as of yet today, but I am getting to them... slowly. A tad chilly here on the supposed spring morning on the Mississippi Sound. Sigh. So ready for summer. I have unpacked the last of the "get around to them eventually" tubs hidden away in closet whilst company was present in the guest room earlier this month. Have unpacked last kitchen box as well. I have not yet done my 2nd art journal page for March but it is on today's list. Have not yet started on Altoid shrine for one of my RNs at work either, but, again.. it is on the list. I have created a photo book for my patients to peruse (they have been asking for pics of new house) and created a birthday card. Also made (and consumed, of course) breakfast for 2 AND made my 3 meals for tomorrow for work. I found, unpacked and hung my Xanth pewter figurines on their shelf!! Wow... got them 21 years ago. I have been packing them around and now, finally, they are back o…