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Never Say Goodbye

Never say goodbye...while I kick everyone out the door for work or weekend trips and I stay home... LOL... yeah, well.

So this card is basic... Cardstock, glitter, sentiment. TADA!

This afternoon, a gaggle of gals will be gathering @ Westgate Theater for the sixth Harry Potter movie!! Lunch 1st, of course, at Central Market...oooh, what fun this day will be!

Free for all

Free for all could mean HighLowAha or The Nuge, who was on the cover of Texas Monthly, no less. I think my parent's would like him, really.

This card was for a friend's housewarming recently. She may have the card but I still have the photo! Very simple... she is into oriental motif. Even her house is done in blacks/reds/whites. Stamped the dragonfly on white CS. Used VersaMark & clear EP on the insect and then colored with gel pens and twinkling H2Os. The card is also 'done' on the top inner flap and then our message was on lower one.

It is night... part 2 of Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" series. Hurrah!! And Saturday, a gaggle of us will be descending on Westgate Theatre for Harry Potter! 3:10pm showing, lunch at Central Market South @ 1:30pm...come on down!

a hundred years to live

One of my several attempts with a brayer... sigh... who knew something could be so HARD to get RIGHT? Michelle Zindorf is coming to Texas, however, in March of 2010...and I am already signed up!! this is simple gray cardbase, some eyelash fibers, a metal tag I recycled from work (they printed # wrong) and am using the back of... that is it.

Rain...we got 1/2 an inch Monday after Sunday night's rain circle. Last night it rained more to the northeast of us but we still got a spattering here after Tuesday's lunar ritual. Tonight, we'll circle again and see what comes Friday.

:-) I hear my "Oh no!" alarm so gotta go feed critters, feed myself, pack lunches, let in cats, etc... just as soon as I get my grandpuppy off my foot!

New Moon in Solar Eclipse

Love, love love... and I love alcohol inks on acetate! And stickers.

Awesome Dark/New Moon observance last night. It was both because it was right on the verge of entering Leo when we started and had entered by the time we were done. 1 shy of a dozen women showed up! And, it was a solar eclipse as well. Great energies to work with there!

And of course we stayed up way too late socializing and putting everyone to bed, so off to the kitchen I crawl... I hear a spoon in a coffee cup calling my name!

Rain Women, come on down....

And they did, for a little while last night, possibly revisiting this morning here & there.... HAPPY DANCE. We sang for the Rain Sunday night whilst Antiga was still here. Tonight is DarkMoon, where we should probably sing again... not enough rain yet, altho grateful for what we've had!

Without You

Fitting song for some rooster in our neighborhood today :-( his Rhode Island Red hen is now laying under the next door neighbors porch... poor thing was being carted off for breakfast by 2 stray dogs early this morning. Called animal control... they don't even open until 8am. Sigh.

So, the rest of the song brings me to the sentiment of today's card...Love. Black base, green heart run thru crimper, some chalk ink DTP on the edges and stamped the sentiment with VersaMark & yellow pastel EP. And the heart wears a sash.

And, for once, my counter is clean enough to reflect the Love!

Speaking of Love, you will love the new artwork for Ray Wattson on today's post over at "High Low Aha"...go check it out!