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Waiting on a start to fall

Song of the day continues! Because I remembered it! My 2 hours at home this momring was FAR more productive than my day at work. Up @ 4:45am, and rather than try to return to my nice cozy bed, I walked the granddog @ 5am and then fed the granddog, 3 hamsters, a cavie and 3 cats. Oh, and watered everyone. And replaced the cavie shred (ongoing foot issue from last human's lack of care). Then I had some coffee, checked the weather, took a long shower & got dressed. By then, lizard lights were up & running, so made 6 little salads (well, 4 little, 2 tiny) and fed everyone in that room (except snakes, who eat at night). Fed the worms & crickets, too.... FIESTA!! Also got the dishes done. As for moving into house, all is unpacked. Still have to sort out the library as the books were unpacked randomly and you KNOW random is not going to work for me.