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really fitting, considering

Well, as you know, the song of the day continues... not that the text itself fits, but a few lyrics here and there are fitting, considering my work environment. Speaking of work-- NorthernLights is still there ... going on 4 weeks now? And Revlon started today.... Which is why I thought the song was really funny. Must have been thinking about that going to bed, if that is the line I woke up with... sigh... another 12 hours at work today putting in all the data that was eaten by the virus (?) that killed all data entried from Jan 15-31st. Spent Monday (10.5 hours) sorting thru what had to be found. Tuesday was rebilling all the entries for AR (11.5 hours). Today was reposting all the deposits (12 hours). And now, bed, because I had ot type that line 4 times. YAWN