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What Wednesday?

So, I was actually off work Wednesday ...hooray for me!! ut was I home? For most of the day I was sitting in a medical facility or I was riding around the coast. Some of that riding around was fun because I was test driving a couple of potentials in my quest for a new set of wheels. The rest of that driving was for a new medication that was called in to the CVS on Hwy 49 @ Pass Rd. Except it ended up (they told me) at Cowan & Pass location. Off to there I drove. Upon my arrival the med WAS there... but only 3 pills. Come back after 2pm I am told. Ran some errands, test drove another set of wheels, lunched with my bestie, made my 5:45pm meeting with LetGo buyer. OK, plenty of time...right? WRONG. Upon my arrival back @ Cowan Rd CVS I am told my med is backordered and they have NONE of it...but that the whole Rx IS available... at the Diamondhead location. REALLY?!?!? So, I go. I put 100 miles on my car chasing a prescription and arrived home @ 7:30pm with it FINALLY in…