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should've been dead ...

"... on a Sunday morning banging my head" This is the refrain running through my head every time I awoke last night... too funny, considering Sunday was a Migraine Day. But, lemme tell ya.. if you have a migraine, the best place to be is at your acupuncturist's. Thank Goddess... when I got panicky about the pain not receding, I get "Would you like for me to do a treatment on you?". Crap, why didn't I think of THAT option 7 hours EARLIER?!?!
So, couple of notes::
Note to self: before taking Rx meds that cause as much issue as the pain they did NOT take away, call your acupuncturist.
Note to readers: if you don't have an acupuncturist, call me & I will give you the #.

Card is: recycled backing strip you get with sticker sheets and a ribbon, green cardstock, sticker from aforementioned sheet and a sentiment stamped with VersaMark & embossed with blue EP, all mounted on ivory file folder that was recycled & cut to A4 card size.

House of Pain

Great weekend... then migraine day Sunday... ugh.. hence song of the day...