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Getting ready..

Crossing as much as I can off my tasks list in preparation for my annual birthday camping trip. We'll be leaving out Friday & will return Tuesday. The difference this year will be that we are doing the trip in our ALiner camper instead of a tent. Hoping all the leaks and whatnot are fixed!! We got it used for a terrific price but that means there are things that needed to be done to get it trip ready. Dogs have to be ready as well so I had to get a kennel for Bud. He'll probably sleep in the camper where I am but just in case. And he needed one since he is living with Grandma in a hurricane prone area, just in case.

This trip is about getting away and being unavailable to do anything but chill. With that in mind I have posted all my monthly swaps & pen pal mail out as of this morning. Created a few art pieces (tiny ones) for later purposes this afternoon. I have 4pm appt to see Dr Adam and then a shopping trip to see about some additional camper supplies. Planner has…