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Walking Day 2

well...upped the pace a bit... got 2 miles walked in 35 mins. I was shooting for 30, but stopped to pick up my wandering kitty along the way! Tomorrow is weingh-in for my Weight Watchers group... course, only been walking for 2 days... wont show much, if at all...sigh. New employee started at work today- Terri. Seems really decent, not to gun shy about learning stuff, and friendly to boot. Single mom, altho her kids are all over 20 (boys, all of them..sheesh!!).


Well...I thought I'd give walking a try.... took me 30 minutes to walk 1.5 miles or so.... did the outer loop (road) around my apartment complex (1 mile) and then the inner loop inside the complex (another 1/2 mile). Believe it or not, it was actually fun!! Why have I not taken up walking before now?