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Long Way Home

Song this morning was by a band called Radial Angel.... all I need now is a "c" :-)

I don't wanna miss a thing

How appropriate is that song to wake up to? We all know I suffer from MMS (Might Miss Something) disease...

so, here is a list of things that have come to me to create but that I have not yet found the time for ... sigh.... portable altar tins lightswitch covers incense bottles goddess paper dolls

Spirit had drum class last night...I was thinking... "yea!! time alone to do ME stuff" ...right? WRONG!

What DID I do, then? Well, lessee... cooked dinner, bathed 4 dragons, 2 uros, cleaned the cavey's cave, picked up food dishes, washed all the dishes (people & creature), pulled weeds, watered front & back yards and porch plants, checked on the neighbor's yard fire, settled Agathos into his new habitat (by myself) and then moved it into place (that took a neighbor's help). So, I finished my chore list, ready for some art time... and I look at the clock... 8:53pm. ARGH!! Time tomake coffee, account for everyone's where abouts & get ready for bed. A…

Black & White

woke up this morning channeling Three Dog Night, for some reason...
and, to add to the mystery, only got ONE piece of mail today... as postcard from Nness
yesterday, NO MAIL....sad...sad....sad.... how are we to continue LMAOs (Land Mail Art Objects) if the USPS cannot actually MOVE the MAIL?
Free night tonight, other than dragon baths.... poop scooping...ya know, the "chores of love" as it were... Spirit has drum class so I am the stay @ home parent tonight...tee hee... 16 babies, someone has to stay home!

Angels Would Fall

Was at the home of my parental units last week so I took off from work Weds-Sun. While the time off was nice, the crap they left for me on my desk was just ODD!! And, of course, no notes or clues as to WHY they were left on my desk. The first day back from time off is always rough. Sigh.

Mom went back to lung doc yesterday... long day short? The lung remained inflated after the stitches were removed... YIPPPPPEEEEEE. So now the long SLOW road to recovery starts...

Festival of the Goddess kicked off last night...1st planning meeting for this year's festival...I believe it will be the 16th annual! No link yet as it still has last years info up... we are choosing which Goddess to highlight... I chose Willendorf :-)

free night tonight... have 2 decos to get arted up & packed to mail... Mother's Day card... Father's Day card (he never got his birthday one...sob sob sob!!) and 3 birthday cards to make & mail..... doing some Iris Folding for the 1st two...lots of work but …