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Bud is missing,... AGAIN

Well, Rebel's housemate let Bud (R's dog) out... then went off to class w/o retrieving im.... idiot!!!
Bud was finally recovered from the animal shelter last night, only to have MYSTERIOUSLY let himself out again, utilizing his pays around the front door KNOB... Hmmmmmmm.

Last day of P's vacation..Monday she returns to the hell we've made for her...anything we could put off, we did! LMAO... poor gal, she'll need a vacation just to recover from all the piles & post-its on her desk Monday morning.

Looked at the calendar for April... we have events/meetings/moons/classes 13 of the 30 days.
A full life we lead, but it is very rewarding! The meetup group we host has Full Moon and then our RCGi FM group meets. Between moons (full & new), WOTY Tx meetings & weekend, our WTI Advisory weekend, book club, monthly pagan dinner...WHEW!!

Got the Beltane altar set up last night. Got some stuff moved around on the bookcases, too. And kid's VCR tapes put up. Pea…