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Vacation Update

Oh, my the times I had on Vacation. Friday I breakfasted @ IHOP w/Rebel, then ran some errands w/Jade. Saturday we went to Gruene, Texas and became tourists. Sunday was a movie in Austin at the new theater. Monday I caught up around the house, filing, art objects, laundry, etc. Tuesday Spirit took off the day & we travelled to Frederickburg to see some sights, eat some authentic German cuisine, visit the Pioneer Museum, etc. Weds I went to Bandera and spent day with my mom and some of her friends... very relaxing vacation, even if I didn't get to go to the coast htis year. Weather was not good for that type of vacation anyways! :-)

Judgement Day

Well... I have pondered this for a while now... and I have decided not to confront the ex-in-laws. You see, Rebel's patriarchal grandunits have decided that I am no longer welcome at family functions. Good!! I don't enjoy going to the "Once Annual Dinner" anyways. I go because Rebel does not want to go alone, and I take a friend every year because I don't want to sit alone whilst Rebel mixes and mingles with kinfolk I really have no interest in.

But this issue is really twofold::
1) they judged me , and 2) they made Rebel the emissary instead of having the decency to tell me themselves that I was "persona non grata". What bothers me most is that I raised my child to do exactly the opposite of what they have done... passed judgment. I want Rebel to accept people as they are and expect the same acceptance from them, regardless of the issue. I also taught to never shame another. The love Rebel has for them kept mum anything that might have been said to t…