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Well, awake @ 4:30am yesterday, then not much really in the manner of sleep all night last night, just tossed and turned on really sore shoulders. If I lay on my side, eventually the circulation gets cut off from shoulders down, then I wake up in excrutiating pain and roll onto my back... where I cannot fall back asleep. Now that I am upright, my shoulders just ache. But I do have feeling in hands all the way down to fingertips, so that is a bonus. Blood pressure is back up, tho not as high as I would like... 98/51, pulse 71. More water... more water... feel like a camel!!

Feeding night for the pythons... that is always fun... Daimon is still growing so fast I can't tell when one shed stops and another one starts.

So, the plan is still to take off Friday the 13th in celebration, as well as to get some things done that I am in need of... getting my driver's license renewed (have to do in person as they want to SEE me at least once every 12 Amending tax returns. Wo…