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coloring paper with Marvy ink then bleaching.. I am showing these in ABC order so bleaching came 1st!

HLA Wall Hangings again

These are my originals from Moog, my Bosnian friend. Each has a poem on the back...

Wall Hangings for HLA

OKAY, art room again BUT from last year, before I "grew" again...sigh.... on right is Brad Foster's pen & inks, on left are my photographs from 1978

My Art space for HighLowAha

That is Abigale on my worktable... one of the (many) rescues....

It's your Day

Bleach background on green this time...and can you see the dragonfly embossed in clear on it? This is the green paper rather than the lavendar and you can see it ALSO goes bluish with the bleach. Interesting...

Yellow Ledbetter

what a song to wake up with... can Eddie Vedder not enunciate??? Made this one hard to get down, I tell you!

So still another bleach card...can you tell I am going in alphabetical order? "Bleach with Bling" LOL

Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now

Okay, thought I would take a break from posting my greeting card art and post a pic of one of our babies.. this is Hecate. Social, outgoing, and (in the pic) wondering where her worm is. This is our "control" dragon. We know she had the proper upbringing (food, UV, heat, etc) so we use her as the standard for the others.

Friends with Bleach

This card was plain 65# white cs.... added some streaks of color (Marvy pads) and then bleached the whole of it with paper tower & Clorox. then a clear sticker with 3D flowers and you have yourself a unique card.... interesting note, bleaching block gives you BROWN, not WHITE. Hmmmmm