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Deuce's mom is missing

Name: Carolyn Barker JordanAKA: LynCase Number: M0706015Case Type: EndangeredLast Seen in: Lipan (Erath County)Last Seen on: 6/24/2007Height: 5' 03" Weight: 149 lbs. Age Missing: 78 Eye Color: GreenHair Color: GreyDate of Birth: 4/10/1929Race: WhiteSex: FemaleState Missing From: TexasCountry Missing From: USACircumstances: Ms. Jordan has a slight hump on her back near her shoulders and wears glasses. She was last seen wearing a light colored pant suit. Ms. Jordan was last seen leaving her daughter's residence enroute to her home in San Antonio driving a 2002 black Toyota Camry bearing Texas license plate X19LBH.

Artemis & Aphrodite

Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear but (click on link above) the sound of eight tiny feet from two dancing guinea pigs! (apologies to Santa).
Arrived home Friday evening after running errands (HEB for dragon produce) only to see a gift had been left upon the doorstep! Introducing Artemis & Aphrodite....

upcoming July Full Moon

Well, the July Esbat will be at Spirit Stone Sanctuary. The "Blessing Moon". The planning meeting has not yet met as wejust finished the Jule Esbat ritual, but I've started researching it already :-) What I have come up with just in internet findings.... dream pillows (those will be fun to make!) and a Wishing Powder.... made me think of fairy dust, actually. Here it is, in case anyone wants to procure the needed items for themselves before July 29th::

Blessing Moon Wishing Powder (All wishing powders consist of three main ingredients - Dried Herbs, Essential Oils, and colored Glitter or Confetti.) Each of the herbs, essential oils and colors listed in these recipes were chosen because they correspond to the Full Moon in July - also known as the Blessing Moon. Use these powders to aid in your celebration!
>>>>>> Herbs: Frankincense * Jasmine * Lotus
>>>>>> Essential Oils: Jasmine
>>>>>> Colors: Amber * Silver

The gli…
June's full moon was dedicated to Gaia, Mother Earth, mother from whom we came, mother that sustains us, and whom we will return... was a great ritual out in the piney woods....