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Well, last posted on a Friday....seeing a pattern there? Friday is "Loose Ends Day" around here, and then I can catch up on other stuff. :=) This weeks PS class was on OBEs, astral projection, things of that nature. Interesting...Spirit is also taking class & is a bit more advanced in that area. I had no luck in class with it, am working more out of class with the techniques. I KNOW I can do it, it is the conscious control that I suck at. Patience is required, it seems...not my forte!

Great Summer Solstice ritual last night... the altar was just LUSH & GORGEOUS. I even took pics, but will have to stay tuned as it was late & they are still on camera card. Every night this week has been go go go go. Between Sunday's trip to the IMAX for "Mummies:Secrets of the Pharaohs" to the sabbat planning meeting, psychic skills class, esbat planning meeting, the actual Sabbat...argh!! And, to add to the pile, I signed up for a class by Sage Maurer @ the Gaia S…