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this poem FITS!!

Michelle Zindorf posted this poem sent to her by Arlene Vita. If you've not yet seen her blog go to is a MUST READ!
Twas the night before Christmas, I’m glued to the tree.
I’m wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be cardstock or inkpads or lace?
Or some stamps, I said, with a smile on my face.
And that’s when I heard him……
“Hi Santa, ” I said
He replied, “You know….good girls should be in their beds”.
“I know I should Santa,and now I’ve been caught.
But I was just so excited to see what you brought.”
“Well, let’s take a look in this room where you work”.
He shook his head quickly, and left with a jerk.
I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear.
“You’ve got enough crap,
I’ll see you next year!”

and so ends the weekend

Okay, so I may be a non-conformist... but I had NO turkey on THE DAY. Yeah, well...
I look at it like this... I try to be thankful all year long. And, as a witch, we have three Harvest Festivals. Lammas is the first and is when we share the first fruits of our labors with the Goddess and those around us. The 2nd is Fall Equinox, when we share our abundance, even knowing that the final harvest is close at hand. And that leads us to Samhain, when we began preparations for the coming season of winter and inward time. So I am consciously thankful August 1st (or thereabouts) all the way through October 31st. The rest of the year, I try to work gratitide into my life as well. Not too shure, really, why a turkey is required, to be honest. Rebel grilled steak, Spirit made fresh green beans and mashed sweet potatoes (withOUT pineapple or sugar or pecans, mind you). Oh, and as Spirit's birthday was that day...we had spice cake!

So, you may wonder, how DID we spend the BIG DAY? Well, I cooke…