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I’m so tied up

Damn Yankees... and I mean the band, not those people north of us :-) I will post the lyrics rather than just hte link (above) since it is too early for anything else & I have been singing this particular song in my head since 5:47am.. yawn. Where is my coffee???

"Comin' of Age" (Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent)

Dressed to kill and lookin’ dynomite,
with her high-laced stockings and her sweater so tight.
I asked her her name, she said her name was "Maybe."
Well she walked up to me, and she asked me to chance
I said, "I am lookin’ for some wild romance,"
She gave me a wink--she said I should think about it, maybe
She said, "What you got babe, is what I need.
Your kind of love got me on my knees."
I’m so tied up
What you got got a hold on me, your kind of love make a man outta me
I’m so tied up, you got me so fired up
Little sister, hits the stage She can’t help it, she’s comin’ of age
Little junior, he’s all in a rage Did you notice she was comin…

seen on town lake...

This is what you see on town lake in austin if you are afoot instead of jogging on by or speeding past on your bicycle..

Been a long time coming....

Okay, so if you clicked on the link above, you'll see the song is by "Sick Puppies". Lewt me remind you I am not responsible for the jukebox that lives in my head. There is no "OFF" button. Altho, if you see card's message... they do sorta go together?

This card was fun... DSP cut to fit card front, a clear acrylic sticker in coordinating colors and then a japanese hole punch (because you can punch a hole ANYWHERE with one of those) used to lace a belt around the dressform.

Another AWESOME weekend... spent it watching people do Aikido and test for black belts... wow, they sweat! So much for a passive martial art form. That looked like work to me!

And now, time to uncover my Harley and go to work :-)