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How I spent Thanksgiving Part 2

Lovely table, terrific food (that I Could EAT!!) and even better conversation with friends.. now THAT is a day to be thankful for.
Wont even go into the food, I'll drool on the keyboard. But getting to sit in conversation with people that I care so much about it priceless. No event planning, no meeting to go over anything, no deadlines... just good friends getting to sit around and listen, discuss, laugh. Oh, and listen to Arlo Guthrie's Thanksgiving Day Massacre. yes...priceless!

how I spend Thanksgiving Part 1

well, I am going to visit some friends today and I hate to show up empty handed...and I hate to support retail ANYTHING this time of year... so I decided to make a gaggle of turkandles. I saw this idea on highlowaha ( a GREAT blog, if you've never been) and decided it had merit...altho, like usual, I had to do it MY way.. so no tissue paper tail feathers, and I liked the look of gold acrylic paint over the tissue paper. See what you can do with a paid day off and no feast to prepare?

Where's Laureli?

Right now, as I type... she seems to be meandering thru Midlothian... home of three of the top ten largest cement factories in the United States : Texas Industries , Holcim and Ash Grove. Now you may be asking why on EARTH I know this... or better yet, hgow in the hell did Laureli end up in Midlothian sans concrete shoes? Stay tuned...let's see what tiny backwoods city she ends up in next...and WHY?