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4 months or 5 weeks (aka Drama or Trauma)

So...for those of you following the DRAMA side of things, it was 4 months ago that my S.O. lied about having a doctor's appointment in order to stay at home & pack/move out of our home in the middle of the day, knowing I was at work & Rebel was in class. Sneaky? yes. Deceitful? most assuredly. Devastating? not in the least. Although feeling injured & betrayed in the beginning, I have grown into a liberated individual (or I finally outgrew being responsible-ie:covering up for another?). Left to my own devices rather ABRUPTLY and under duress, I still managed to keep the roof over all our heads for the month it took to rehome a dozen plus rescues (I kept 3 cats, Rebel kept 1 dog) and myself & my adult child. Also during this process, I got real clear about what IS and is NOT important when it comes to things owned. I gave away one of my cars to a dear woman in need. She had helped me when I needed it... and I had a spare vehicle when she needed it. What comes around…