4 months or 5 weeks (aka Drama or Trauma)

So...for those of you following the DRAMA side of things, it was 4 months ago that my S.O. lied about having a doctor's appointment in order to stay at home & pack/move out of our home in the middle of the day, knowing I was at work & Rebel was in class. Sneaky? yes. Deceitful? most assuredly. Devastating? not in the least. Although feeling injured & betrayed in the beginning, I have grown into a liberated individual (or I finally outgrew being responsible-ie:covering up for another?). Left to my own devices rather ABRUPTLY and under duress, I still managed to keep the roof over all our heads for the month it took to rehome a dozen plus rescues (I kept 3 cats, Rebel kept 1 dog) and myself & my adult child. Also during this process, I got real clear about what IS and is NOT important when it comes to things owned. I gave away one of my cars to a dear woman in need. She had helped me when I needed it... and I had a spare vehicle when she needed it. What comes around, goes around. Karma, plain & simple. I have become Goodwill's best buddy while sifting and sorting my storage unit and donating things I find no longer worthy of a monthly storage bill. And I am free to be myself and not feel stalked or cloned or cloyed. The END of drama feels so much more uplifting than I ever would have thought possible.

or...if you have been following the TRAUMA side of things, I am healing quite well. Most of that can be blamed on 1 or more of the following:
(A) My TCM practicioner's quick response. As soon as I got home from the hospital, her ready herb cabinet helped bruises, scrapes, stitched-up spots & even fractures heal rapidly. Who knew dirt from the Yunnan Province of China could be so tasty?
(B) My surgeon, who (less than 36 hours after I was run over by a Mitsu Monterro) put the 2 disjointed parts of my thumb back together & then back where it belonged.
(C) My new lifestyle. Having lightened up my load, as it were, of responsibilities (see DRAMA, above), I have more time to dedicate to myself, namely getting better. I have chiropractic twice weekly, physical therapy twice weekly, walks daily, and 9-10 hours of rest nightly. I'd say sleep, but you try sleeping with pins sticking out of you.

According to my surgeon, he is done with me. :-) Due to my rapid rate of healing, he removed the pins at 4 weeks instead of 6 (see Item A, above). And, he forecasts complete range of movement by week 8 (Dec 21st, the Winter Solstice). Aggressive PT has begun so I have great hopes that he proves correct.

So, there it is! Blessing of the deep season to all of you!
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