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2 for 1

well, woke up twice, so 2 songs.... 1st was "Hippocrites! We're all here for the very same reason (Anna Nalick again, I think) and 2nd was Melissa's "Touch, and go..." Both along the same genre, I think.

Then, on way in, I am channelling Zakk Wylde and BLS :-) Was talking to a friend last night, mentioned how amazed I am that, to this day, people look at me and ask me things that are so readily apparent about my life. I do not live anything but full throttle, y'all. Watch me, you'll see. Then, song #9 plays on the Mafia CD titled "Say What You Will".... lyric that stood out was "I'll give you everything beyond the truth, I'll give you everything and even more."

So, that is all for now... no wise words. I am tired.. it is Tues, I have weekend plans...the Goddess (Aphrodite) Festival Saturday w/a friend, no work on Sat since it is Founders Day here in DS (Whee!!) and Goddess BookClub on is full of good thigns toda…