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Memorial Service

Well, about to see Rebel, pick up Spirit and head to San Antonio Texas.... Deuce's mother, Carolyn Jordan, was laid to rest in Corsicana yesterday. Today is the Memorial Service at her church (Highland Hills) for friends and family. A sad, sad day... but also a day of new beginnings... it is at this point that Deuce can begin letting go of the Mother role and taking on the mantle of "Crone" ... a passing of the torch. And with every end comes a new beginning... as the grief passes those will appear. Brightest Blessings to Deuce and her family.

protesting animals.....

this was from another crafter... she made her own shopping bags based on the plastic "t" handle bag you get at stores now... I thought this was a grand idea!!

here is what we started with....

1 random dictionary page 2 page from vintage stamp collectors price guide3 half sheet of printed vintage images4 various tissue, mulberry, paper scraps - 5 pcs5 Queen of Spades playing card6 rectangle of cardstock w/pinked edges7 used paper access swipe card (bus?)8 teabag, match, scrap of foiltape, film negative9 scrap of mylar type paper (silver on one side, black on the other)10 postage stamp, piece of flower stem?, 2 bits of novelty yarn11 baggies of: embossing powder (pink) and dried up acrylic paints ~ plus there was the project note, envelope, ATC sized card for backing

Nervousness Project

Blueness mailed an identical envelope of materials out to each of us. I had to make 1 ATC using some of EACH of the materials and ONLY THOSE to create 1 ATC. This meant no pens, markers, stamps, stickers, papers of any kind, tape or any other material of my own! Utensils such as scissors, glue, paintbrushes, were allowed. At least some portion of every material was to be incorporated into the ATC. I even used the envelope Blueness mailed it in, since she said EVERYTHING!!


Well.... 6 weeks after disappearing, Deuce's mother has been found. The memorial service will be held at Highland Hills Baptist Church, 2751 E. Southcross in San Antonio. You are all welcome, time is 3pm.
Call (210) 534-5466 for details.