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hmmm...need to come up with a personal ritual to share with the Wheel of the Year group this weekend, sometime Saturday, I do believe. We are working on the Girl-Child/Maiden aspects as it is Beltane soon... am thinking of honoring my connection to water.... in all its forms. Even as a child, I always found my own private little place near the water where I could go and relax, be, think, enjoy, watch the world go by.... :-) Now just to figure out how to go about the actual honoring... that is the hard part!! Stay tuned!

Weekend Recap

Well, here it is, Tuesday, and I've not yet set down in words (keystrokes?) the weekend past. My, it was FULL. :-) Full of goddess women, goddess energy, goddess altars, discussions, feedback, all sorts of wondrous things. Saturday's evening circle was centered around reclaiming our "bitch" personas. When a man is aggressive or assertive or the like, he is "manly"...when a woman behaves similarly, she is called names. Why is that? Aask yourself, see what you come up with. You might be surprised. Anyways...back on topic... the Orisha we invited in was Oya, and we invited the Goddesses Kali, Medusa, Pele & Lilith. Earlier in the day, I presented an altar to Isis as I am attuned to her. Funny, did a random card pick on a website earlier today & got the Isis card. :-) After lunch, we got to hear the actual non-patriarchal stories, poetry, etc on several of the Goddesses, and personal stories relating to them as well...just an AWESOME remin…