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Friday the 13th !!

There are only two “Friday the 13th” in the year 2007.. First one was in April, and now today. I usually take them off & stay home, make art, lunch with my child. Not today (boo hoo) But, ever mindful of compromise, that is what I did. I came in to work this morning and spent some time mapping out areas for our ongoing search for Carolyn B. Several of us, in several cars, are setting out tomorrow morning in the wee dark hours and taking different back county roads and working our way back to the starting point (Lipan, TX). Prayers are welcome. Also got all my paperwork finished to give to the blood suckers known as the IRS (except Energy... Energy just works there, not sucking blood...LMAO) for my amended return. ARGHHHH Now, only 3 more hour to go in the work-a-day world...then home to bathe the babies, dinner w/my child & possible pagan from Wednesday night's dinner. And early night, since we'll be leaving around 4am. Rebel is bringing Bud... too bad Bud is no…

Brighter Notes

Well, Deuce's mom is still MIA... :-(

But, on the plus side, the 3rd session of Kim D's "Wheel of the Year" has come and gone, and I am still amazed. Wow... a powerful time. 22 women gathered in sacred space for an entire 48 hours. I cannot even begin to explain the joy in being there.
And, Aphrodite & Artemis are adjusting quite nicely to the household routine. As soon as the coffeepot goes off (at 4:30am, btw) they begin singing and cajoling me to bring them munchies. Spoiled already, ya think?

Started a blog for the MagicGardener today... the things I do whist at work on the high speed internet. Go visit it here and participate.... awesome idea, regardless of what you think you are or are not talented at.