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Happy 19th Birthday Jayce!!

Wow, my "baby boy" is 19 today... how did that happen? I am not old enough for this!!
And January is off to a rip-roaring start, I tell ya.Last Saturday I spent helping Sheila scrapbook Jessi's dance career to date (3 years, we only got through the 1st one) then she took me to dinner as a "Thank You". My first experience at Johnny Carino's... wow.... Tiramisu, the most heavenly Italian dessert, and a cup of espresso. I am hooked, I tell ya! Then we watched "Mind Hunters"...what a great movie. Did NOT end the way I was heading...I like those. Sunday brought the mess that is "Area Service Committee". Nothing like trying to get all sorts of personalities to agree on anything. I was so put out by the whole deal that I am tendering my resignation on my committee. But, to wash away that stain I have another fun-filled weekend coming up... it is Art Saturday! This month we will be gathering in Marble Falls. Gayle, Pam & I are carpooling, alo…