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Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

Well, got Junebug's Foreign Text deco done last night, but have to get her Asian one done before I can mail them off together... Got my "Found in Nature" theme one ready to start off on its round robin... now the Dark Book to play in & make my Magic Wishing Pyramid and some ATCs, I will be all caught up! Of course, with this weekend's Intensive, wont be doing any art.

Landlady called last night...they want to put our home up for sale ... for $150,000.... bear in mind we just signed a year lease on Augsut 1st 2007. sigh....

Meet Virginia

Lacking cohesive titles for each day's post, decided I would just use the song I woke up with playing in my head each day. Spent some time last night at our local Goodwill... got Bud an inside dog bed, and outside mattress for his crate, and lots of chew toys. Nothing like a teething puppy, I tell ya! Also, scored a "Shrinky Dink Oven" (brand new) for under $3!! Complete with shrink plastic, some key chains, etc. So exciting...can't even buy a sheet of full sized shrink plastic for less than that nowadays. So, I have some art to post here... working on an altered book for my Alabama Gal, can't post here til she gets it or it will ruin the surprise! But I have been working on some halloween jars... need to post a pic or two of those.

Saw K last night as we were heading home from Goodwill... gave ride back to apartment & chatted a bit... invited over for some social time Friday, which will be nice.

Lots of ppl here at work are ill...some stomach thing goin…

this morning's song

I’m sending out a message to myself
So that when I hear it on the radio
I will know that I am fine
I will know that I am loved

kicks butt, I tell you...will have to typ eup all the lyrics soon and post them...album not out until 9/25...tap tap tap tap...this is from an earlier interview....

"When I was on chemotherapy, I listened to all my albums back to back," she says. "It was therapy for me. I realized what I had been saying to myself in my music -- the things that I would put down that I wouldn't think consciously, but I would think subconsciously. When I started creating this album I asked myself, 'What [would happen] if I create from a subconscious level consciously?' There are very personal things on the album, including one of the greatest love songs I have ever written. These songs are 100% truthful about me and how I am feeling."