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eeeek... 11 days later?!?!

However, in my own defense, it has been a full and busy 11 days!! On the 7th of June, I headed to the beach, then took roomie dinner @ work, then met the neighbor kid at our place to go over the petsitting chore list for our trip back to Texas. Weds night (the 8th) we left to begin the pilgrimage to Spring Goddess Fest. We got home in the wee hours of Monday the 13th only to be wrenched back into the reality of going to work... can you say exhausted? But the car is unpacked, the laundry is done, the camping gear is sorted and stowed and groceries have been replenished. Now rested and looking forward to the weekend. Even made a couple of cards yesterday, as well as several postcards for some pals on Send Something . If you have never heard of it, I suggest you click the link... talk about random acts of kindness. Does a body good!