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Ruth Barrett's remembers Shekhinah Mountainwater (who passed August 11th 2007)

This is my letter to honor my old friend, early teacher, mentor, and sister. I hope to provide a few small windows into earlier times that show Shekhinah's genius. If you wish, you may share my letter with anyone who wishes to read what I am sharing here on August 15th in the early dawn hours.

In the early 1970's there wasn't yet a goddess movement, where words like "witch" and "priestess" were not in our vocabulary. The stirring and converging ingredients of anti-Vietnam war activists, ecology back-to-the land folk, women's liberation feminists, and mind expanding Jungian and eastern meditators and hippies (many who became the founders of the early pagan revival in the U.S.) were all bubbling together in the cauldron of change. Shekhinah was a woman who embodied these times, influenced these times, and the times that followed.

There have been few mentors in my life that truly helped shape the direction of my goddess and musical path. Shekhinah was …